indoor gun range Chicago

indoor gun range Chicago

Looking to improve on your gun handling skills? An indoor gun range in Chicago is the perfect solution for year-round gun practice. If Illinois inclement weather is keeping you from improving on your marksmanship and shooting skills, stop by Midwest Guns and see why locals love their range.

Midwest Guns’ indoor gun range in Chicago offers customers the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’. If you’ve been considering the purchase of a handgun, there’s no better way to ensure it’s a good match for you than to take it into the range and put it to the test.

Making an indoor firing range a part of your discipline will greatly improve your skills and marksmanship for the simple reason that it offers the opportunity to practice in a different environment than on an outdoor range. In other words, it makes a great complement to your outdoor range but shouldn’t serve as a replacement.

Since shooting in an indoor gun range in Chicago does not leave you subject to inclement weather, there’s zero chance you’ll arrive at your destination only to find you’re about to be rained out, or that the chilly, windy conditions are not what you expected. Midwest Guns offers a comfortable, reliable, safe place to shoot all year round at an affordable price.

Just have an hour slot to fill? Stop by Midwest Guns on Friday and shoot at half price range fees. Spend all day Monday through Thursday on the range for just $20 for the day, or $15 with the $10 purchase of ammo. Locals find Midwest Guns to be the most affordable indoor gun range in Chicago.

More and more gun enthusiasts are discovering indoor ranges for tactical training. The unique atmosphere of the indoor range allows for better feedback on marksmanship. You’ll probably find as well that it is a encouraging environment for improving your mental and physical disciplines, especially mental focus during distracting circumstances.

An indoor gun range in Chicago is the most convenient option for most people living in the city. The fact is that it’s not very convenient to drive the distance to an outdoor range for every practice session. Wherever you live in or around Chicago, Midwest Guns is the ideal location for shooting.

Rent a handgun from the impressive inventory at Midwest Guns at the affordable price of just $10 per gun, or $15 for multiple guns. You can change out your rental unlimited times during the time you’re on the range. Choose from a wide range of popular 9mm, 45ACP, 40 S&W, 380ACP, 357MAG, and more from Glock, Beretta, Kahr Arms, Ruger, Kel-Tec and other makes.

Stop by Midwest Guns’ indoor gun range in Chicago and have a great time while there. Bring your 10-15 year olds on Kids’ Night, the 3rd Sunday of every month, and get them involved in the disciplines of shooting. For more information, or to reserve a spot on the range, please call Midwest Guns at 708-447-4848.

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indoor gun range Chicago

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